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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How Do I Create A Dual Boot System

Dual booting is simply the practice of installing two operating systems on one hard drive. The technique is pretty straight-forward as, basically, all you are doing is installing one operating system after another. However, there is one golden rule. And that is: you should always install the oldest operating system first. In other words, if you wanted to say install Windows XP and Windows ME you should first install Windows ME and then install Windows XP. Each system, of course, would be running on a separate partition; the actual partitioning being sorted out during installation.
As an alternative, you could use third party partitioning software such as Partition Magic, but partitioning is just as easily accomplished while installing Windows XP.
When installing any operating system, whether as a single boot or dual boot system, always endeavor to have all necessary drivers that you may require to hand.

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