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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How Do I Enable CD-ROM Support in The BIOS

CD support is essential for booting most of the modern operating systems and, so long as your pc is not too old, this option should be enabled by default. Sometimes, however, this is not the case and you have to delve into the BIOS in order to set things up correctly. This is not as daunting as one would imagine, as you will see from the following instructions:
1/ Boot your PC
2/ As the BIOS information appears i.e., memory check etc, you should see, at the bottom of the screen something to the effect of "To enter BIOS press DEL."
3/ It may not always be the DEL key (this is for Award BIOS). You can always check with your PC manual or Motherboard handbook.
4/ A DOS type menu should now appear
5/ Look at the BIOS menu and you should see an option marked 'Advanced BIOS Features.' Use the up and down arrow keys and highlight this option then press Enter.
6/ When the Advanced BIOS Features window opens look down the list until you come across an entry marked 'First Boot Device.'
7/ If your CD is the first boot device then this should read CD-ROM.
8/ By using the PAGEUP and PAGEDOWN keys you should be able to toggle through the First Boot Device Options and change it accordingly.
9/ For convenience i always use the following options:
First Boot Device CD-ROM
Second Boot Device Floppy
Third Boot Device Hard Drive (0)
10/ By using these options you will not need to alter the boot up sequence after you have finished installing your operating system.
11/Once you have made the necessary changes to the boot sequence press ESC to return back to the main menu.
12/Finally, using the up and down arrow keys select the option Save and Exit CMOS
13/ You need to confirm that you want this option to execute, so press Y followed by Enter.
14/ Your changes will now be saved
15/ Your PC will now reboot, so quickly insert your Windows XP or ME CD into your CD-ROM so that setup can begin installing your operating system

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