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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Monitoring the system

There are various applications you can use to monitor the state of your
system at any given time. One of them is a program called CoolMon ( where you can monitor about 22 of
the most geekiest system parameters like the temperature and speed of your system fans, the number of processes running, the total available memory on your hard disk and RAM, CPU utilization, etc. Each
of these can be individually con. gured to appear on the interface. Best of all, this monitoring happens in real time. Better still, the program is free.
If you need more details than what is offered by Windows System Information or the Device Manager, try out an application called Everest Home Edition ( This application hunts through your hardware and software setup and extracts every piece of information you might need about your processor, motherboard, graphics card,
hard disk and any other piece of hardware or software information that you might care to know about your computer.

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