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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rapidshare hacking methods

Rapidshare Method 1

1.Delete the cookies in your browser(internet explorer or firefox or opera or whatever u use).

2.Press start->run,type cmd.

3.In the command prompt,type ipconfig/flushdns press enter.Then type ipconfig/release,then ipconfig/renew .Now type exit.

4.Now try downloading,for many people this may work if their ISP provides a dynamic ip.

Rapidshare Method 2

1.Just switch off your router(or modem) and switch it back on.

2.This may work for some users(Mtnl and Bsnl) and maybe some others too.

Actually these methods generally work for those people whose ISP gives them dynamic ip.

If these dont work then one more thing that can be done is to use proxies.

Rapidshare Method 3

1.Donwload the software Hide ip platinum from here
Hide IP platinum.

Password : .

2.Run it,then it will automatically chose a proxy(ip of a different country) for you.So you can easily download without any restrictions.You just have to change the proxy each time you download.

rapidshare Premium acc. Generator


Anonymous said...

it is not working man

Anonymous said...

what is the password for premium account generator. I cant able to open that winrar file......