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Thursday, March 13, 2008

undeletable folder

Open command prompt.change to the directory in which u want to make folder.typemkdir .\con\\OrMd .\con\\You can choose folder name from the name given belowCONLPT1LPT2LPT3LPT4LPT5LPT6LPT7LPT8LPT9AUX-----------------------Logic behind this is : IN Windows above names are researved words and you cann't create folder or file with above name. Once you will create the folder nobody will be able to delete it in normal way. I have tested it with XP 2000 and 2003. Windows 98 is currently not available to me for testing. If you can test it on Windows 98 then please do it and let me know the result. I expect it to work.

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