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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Windows 98 Credits With Music

You need: Windows 98 or Windows 98 Second Edition

Do the following :

1. Using your mouse, right-click an empty spot on your Windows desktop.

2. Select New, Shortcut.

3. Select Browse and find the C:\Windows\Application Data\Microsoft\Welcome folder.

4. Select Weldata.exe by double-clicking the file. The file name will appear at the end of your

shortcut's command line.

5. Click Next.

6. Click Finish to save your shortcut.

7. Right-click your newly created shortcut and select Properties.

8. Be careful: Click the Shortcut tab.

9. In the Target field, scroll to the end of the command line, (right after "...Weldata.exe"), add a space after the quotation mark, and then add this exact string of characters: You_are_a_real_rascal.

10. In the Run area, select Minimized.

11. Click OK to save your changes.

12. Back on the desktop, double-click the new shortcut.

13. Turn your speakers up and get ready for some music. Feel a sense of accomplishment as you watch the credits and listen to the beat. You'll see a long list of Windows 98 team members' names, along with photos of where they work and play. It's not as boring as it sounds.

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