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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Create Custom Google Search Homepage with Groovy

How many times do you use Google Search every day? Lets say if you were me than probably Google Search was your online home and you would spend a total of 14 hours daily on it but don’t you think that the white and bright color scheme of Google Search is just enough for you now and you need something new? Something more sizzling, cheesy and hot. You don’t need to worry anymore as Groovle is here to give us new flavor of Google Search.

Groovle lets you make Custom Google Search Homepage

Groovle is a very smart service that helps you make Custom Google Search Homepage. You can customize your Google Search Homepage the way you like by adding premade backgrounds or even by uploading one of your own. There is a big list of pre-made Custom Google Search Pages ranging from celebrity themes to themes based on Sports and Animals.
You can even set the page as the default Google Search Homepage and you don’t need to worry about the search results as Groovle uses the same search engine technology that Google does.


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