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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Use pc as an alarm

Now this is specially for the ones who are too lazy to get up even when the trust cellphone dies screeching its
lungs out. Its pretty simple Creating the playlist create a playlist of your favourite songs in Winamp, WMP or
any other player. Export the playlist as a M3U playlist. M3U is generally accepted by almost every player.
Triggering the alarm point to start> programs >accessories > system tools >scheduled tasks Create a new
task and choose program as windows media player or winamp (May work with others too but I haven't tried
anything else) Choose "daily", Enter the time and choose "every day" at next screen. It would now ask for
password (leave blank in case you don't have one) Right click on the newly created task and check the "run
only if logged in" check box. In the properties. Append the path to the playlist you created in the "run" text
box. It should now look like Code:
"D:\windows mediaplayer\wmplayer.exe"K:\Playlists\smoothies.m3uthe text inside quotes is my WMP's path.
It may vary for you. The text after WMP's path is the one to the playlist. Click OK and you're done.

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