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Monday, June 2, 2008

Now scrap your friends through mobile

First thing If u want to scrap someone u hv to go into his/her scrapbook! (The code following are not for orkut's new reply feature!)
After opening intended scrapbook, write scrap with optional formatting the way u usually write!
In next step, without leaving that page(or tab if u r using opera with tab browsing) go to this address:

Actually this is not a web address but javascript which will "execute" submit button!
Again bookmark this address by naming Submit Scrap or something! The advantage of bookmarking is that u can directly open the bookmark after writing scrap!

Steps for bookmarking above codes into ur mobile browser:

1. Copy content in text-box to say notepad and send that file to ur mobile.
2. Open that file in any editor in mobile!
3. Copy the script on clipboard! (using edit key in Nokia).
4. Open ur browser and go to Add Bookmarks Option!
5. Chose a name u like and paste the script in address field! OR U can manually create the bookmark by entering the script instead of copy-paste n sending a file to mobile!

Now once u have created these bookmarks, u can log into orkut fast as well as scrap someone!

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