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Friday, June 20, 2008

You’ll Love Using Yahoo! Search With These Simple Enhancements

Yahoo! seriously wants you to stop installing extensions that enhance search pages. Instead, they provide plugs that you can hook into Yahoo! search pages without installation and do more with search results.

stumbleupon yahooSee StumbleUpon reviews & ratings inside Yahoo Search - No toolbars or extensions required

For instance, if a story from Digg appears in Yahoo search results, you can know the number of diggs that story received from the Yahoo page itself. Similarly you can integrate Yahoo with StumbleUpon to know the average SU rating of any website that turns up in Yahoo!.

To experience this yourself, login to Yahoo! and add some from the Search Gallery.

There are search plugins for LinkedIn and Facebook as well that minimizes guess work during people search because you get to see pictures and read basic profiles of users in the Yahoo search results itself. See screenshots.

LinkedIn Profile embedded inside Yahoo Search


Profile of a Facebook Member from Yahoo Search


And if you find something interesting to share with your friend, use the Clip add-in to save that link on, Google Bookmarks, etc.