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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Adding the Word ‘Obama’ In Windows Vista Dictionary Requires 56MB

Microsoft recently released a patch for Windows Vista (kb 955020) that updates the English and German language dictionary of Windows Vista to include these five words:vista-dictionary

Obama, Nazr, Friendster, Klum and Racicot.

That’s all it does - add five new words to the English and German dictionaries in Vista - but you’ll be very surprised to know that this patch still weighs a whooping 56 MB as pointed by Register.

Perhaps the patch completely replaces the existing Vista dictionaries with new files but its still an interesting observation.

If you like to save yourself from the trouble of downloading a 56 MB file for the sake of adding five words that you’ll rarely use, just write these words in a document, right click and and add them to the Custom.dic dictionary.


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