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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 for Users

Adobe Reader 9, the free PDF viewer from Adobe, is up for grabs.adobe-reader-9-logo

As far as looks are concerned, the new release is almost identical to Adobe Reader 8 though it does load slightly faster and is quite nicely integrated with and Buzzword.

That means you can now upload documents & photos to the web from Adobe Reader or even create new PDF files using the PDF writing engine of

acrobat-readerSo should you upgrade to Adobe Reader 9 when there are no new capabilities as far as reading PDF files is concerned?

Well, if you use any of the services or exchange PDFs created in Adobe Acrobat 9, this is a must have upgrade.

Others may want to download the ~34 MB installer of Adobe Reader 9 if they are looking for some speed improvements.


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