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Friday, August 1, 2008

eeebuntu: yet another Ubuntu-based build for the Eee PC

Another good tip from Robert found its way to my inbox: I'm sure there's Eee PC owner or two out there that will appreciate it. There's a new and "eeemproved" Ubuntu distro that's customized for the Eee called eeebuntu. You can go with the snazzy Compiz Fusion enabled gnome version or go plain-vanilla with the Ubuntu Netbook Remix packages. Performance looks pretty darn good on the original 701 4G model Eee PC too: just check it in the above vid and supply your own audio track. I made mine funny, but feel free to make serious commentary when you watch.

Some of what's included in this distro:

  • Working WiFi... always a must
  • A simple and effective program launcher (shown below)
  • OpenOffice Suite 2.4
  • Pidgin, Skype and aMSN
  • Amorak, Gtkpod and VLC for media
  • Firefox 3.0.1 for everything else. OK, I'm biased there but that's because I'm boycotting client apps for a while.


You can grab the distro at the eeebuntu project page to give it a go.


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