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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Brand New Rapidshare Downloader.

Rapidshare is teasing the free users for a long time. They have wait timers, captchas etc. We actually have seen all of the Rapidshare tools of torture. But for every problem there's a solution.

Rapishare Plus is a simple utility which is going to make the life of free Rapidshare users a whole lot easier. It is a Free Downloader or Download Manager for Rapidshare specially built for free users.

All you do is pasting the list of Rapidshare links to be downloaded, select a download folder, hit the ‘Download’ button and sit back and relax!

It automatically starts the downloading procces of the files without requiring you to generate the download links manually through the browser window.

This tool does not bypass the time-limit of Rapidshare on free users between two consecutive downloads but it makes it easy for you to manage all download links at one place. It has a progress bar to show the status of your Rapidshare downloads and also works behind a proxy.

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