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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Convert Online text to speech.

There are some times, when you're tired of reading and just want to listen to the article (text).

well there is something that will take care of this.

Well, Vozme is a free online tool that can convert any text into speech, which you can listen online or download as a MP3 file. It supports two languages, English and Spanish.

Converting a text to speech is very easy. Simply copy and paste the text from anywhere into the text box, select male or female voice and press the Create MP3 button!
You can also add this converter on your blog from their Webmasters menu. WordPress users get a plugin for conversion. Or to convert any web page into speech, add their bookmarklet for quick and easy access to it.

so, now you can listen to a blog article or an e-book on your MP3 player!

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