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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Adsense Fake Screenshot generator.

I know lot's of you have been on salespages, where they tell you that they earn thousands of dollars. Well this is a trick to make you believe that there product or ebook works. It's makes them earn lots of money by making you believe that you absolutely need to buy it.

I'm sure you have noticed a lot of sites where the owner claims to
beearning several thousands dollar each day through Google AdSense. His proof? A
simple screenshot.

Enter your amount in dollar and create your own proof to show yourfriends
that you are a true AdSense-millionaire.

well, here is the online service that they have used. Google adsense generator will generate a fake picture of your earnings. when your on there site, you can enter what you want to have earned today and yesterday's earnings. It's will make a picture like this and people will believe that you really earned that much.

Look at how much I earned :D

now you can be an adsense guru too.

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