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Monday, January 19, 2009

Youtube tests video downloading.

Yes, we all know you can download youtube videos using converters, ripping etc.
You can use hundreds of sites, scripts, extensions and applications and that's because YouTube's interface didn't offer a download option, only video google had it. But things are starting to change:

the videos from Barrack Obama's YouTube channel ChangeDotGov have a small download link below the player ( look at the red arrow). Youtube is coming out with is very slowly. For now only the video's of Barrack Obama are able to download. Lot's of people say "Why would you download videos? You can watch them online." Well, you download the video's to be able to watch them without having an Internet connection, to download them faster using download accelerators, to use some of the content in your videos or to have an offline version just in case the video is no longer available at YouTube.

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