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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Whspr: receiving emails without giving your email address.

well, here is Whspr: a new messaging tool that you can use if you want to receive email messages from people you don’t know without handing them your email address. You can use this on twitter, in forums and chat rooms. this way you can keep your email hidden from other users

For example: let's say you want to advertise a job opening on Twitter, and you
don’t want to share your company email address for safety. Some applicants may
not want to post a public @reply, and they can’t send you a direct message if
you don’t already follow them. Include a whspr! URL, and they can reach you

What the tool does is create a URL/page for you to share. That page contains a message box where anybody can type in their message. It’s like having your own contact form or comment from that you see on blogs and websites. You can set an expiration period for the message page.
The messages sent to you through the Whspr page will then be forwarded to your email. The service also uses Captcha to prevent spam and you have the power to delete your Whspr page anytime. Just remember that this is just for receiving. Replying to the messages will definitely reveal your email address.

For more info about Computer related stuff check out this site

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