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Thursday, April 10, 2008

YouTube Personalized Homepage (Beta)

YouTube just keeps getting better and better. Recently they have introduced a new beta feature for YouTube users called the Personalized YouTube Homepage. This new feature will allow users to have customized YouTube homepage where they can see updates from their favorite channels, friends, and can do a whole lot of more.
The new personalized YouTube experience is now available to a small, randomly selected group of users but even you can give it a shot by logging into YouTube and following the link below:

The new personalized YouTube homepage makes YouTube more interesting and social. The best part about personalized YouTube homepage, that I have liked so far, is the new recommended videos section. It randomly shows you links to new videos based upon keywords and the videos you have been watching frequently. Plus the new homepage gives you more stats about yourself and your videos.

To opt out of the beta you use the link:

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